Be Positively Powerful: A Guide for Teens on Achieving Resilience and Empowerment provides many links to informational resources. You can easily access these links this page.

Resources to Guide Your Activities

These are helpful resources from the book: 

  • Journal Template. You can print a copy of this document and put it in a hardbound Journal to keep track of the things you can write about. 
  • Character Strengths Survey. This is a copy of the Character Strengths Survey from the book that you can write on, without writing in the book. 
  • Empowerment Assessment. This is a copy of the empowerment Assessment from the book that you can write on, without writing in the book. 

Your Marvelous Brain

Which during your teen years is under development.

Information about Brain Development and Functioning.

The following sites have lots of great information about brain development. Unfortunately, the articles on teen brain development are addressed to teens, not adults. If you ignore the fact that the articles are talking about you, not communicating directly to you, the information is helpful.

Brain Facts  

Brain Connection

Make Positive Connections

I will maintain positive connections with good friends and trusted adults. 


10 Ways to Meet New People. This is a great article in Psychology Today. 

How to Make Friends Easily if You’re a Teen. This is a helpful WikiHow article. 

How to Make Friends in High School. This is a great article from Teen Vogue.

Trusted Adults

Finding an Adult That You Can Trust. This is a video on Amaze. 

How to Ask an Adult for Help. This is guidance provided by Mental Health First Aid. 

How to Find a Trusted Adult to Talk to. This is a WikiHow article. 

Reach Out to Be Kind

I will daily reach out to be kind to others. I know this will make them and me feel happier. 

Kindness Strategies

Random Acts of Kindness. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation site is a great place for lots of ideas. 

The Importance of Kindness. This is a nice article on Psychology Today. 

12 Kinds of Kindness. This site has some great ideas. 

440 Kindness Quotes That Will Make You a Better Person. Just in case you run out of ideas. 

Use Your Strengths

I know I have many positive strengths. I will use my strengths every day and when things get tough. I will build new strengths. 

Trusted Adults

Finding an Adult That You Can Trust. This is a video on Amaze. 

How to Ask an Adult for Help.This is guidance from Mental Health First Aid. 

How to Find a Trusted Adult to Talk To.This is a WikiHow article. 

Character Strengths

VIA Character Institute. Find out more about character strengths at this great site. The section in the book on Character Strengths is based on the work from these professionals. 

Focus on the Good

I will focus on the good things that are happening to me and in my life. I will be thankful and express my gratitude.

Good Things 

Hardwiring Happiness. This is a great TedTalk by the author of Hardwiring for Happiness. 

In Praise of Gratitude. This article is from the Harvard Mental Health Center.

How Gratitude Changes You and Your Brain. What is Gratitude? These are two great articles on the Greater Good Science Center site. 

14 Health Benefits of Practicing Gratitude According to Science. This great article is from Positive Psychology. 

Be Mindful

I will take the time each day to sit quietly, be mindful, and achieve calmness and focus. If things get tough, I will take deep breaths and remain calm.


Getting Started with Mindfulness. This great resource is from 

What is Mindfulness? This is another great resource from the Greater Good Science Center.  

What are the Benefits of Mindfulness? This is an article for mental health professionals from the American Psychological Association. 

What is Mindfulness? Definition +_Benefits This is another resource for professionals. 


Keep Your Personal Power

I will stand tall and walk with pride. I will not allow what happens to me control how I feel about myself or respond.

Personal Power

Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are. This is a TedTalk from 2012 by Dr. Amy Cuddy. As you can tell, it has been very popular. It also generated some controversy. 

Inside the Debate about Power Posing. This is an article that addresses the controversy. 

Power Posing is Back. Amy Cuddy Successfully Refutes Criticism. This article reports on new research by Cuddy that documents support for her underlying work. 

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. This article discussed the underlying therapy approach for how by controlling your thinking about what happens can control the outcome. 

How Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Works. This is information from Very Well Mind. 

Think Things Through

In any challenging situation, I will think things through to decide what is best to do. 

Think Things Through

MindTools Problem Solving. Be Positively Powerful provides a basic approach for problem solving. The MindTools site provides a more comprehensive problem solving approach for businesses. 

Skills You Need. Skills You Need also provides a more comprehensive approach for problem solving. 

Top Notch Sites for Student Leaders

The following sites provide top notch insight for student leaders seeking to increase civility and build a positive climate in their school, organizations, community, or the world. 

Greater Good Science Center. The Greater Good Science Center has excellent resources on supporting a meaningful, happy life. 

Teaching Tolerance Resources. Southern Poverty Law Clinic’s excellent Teaching Tolerance program has a wealth of resources. 

One and All. One and All is a site established by Harvard’s Graduate School of Education.

Adolescent Peer Support League. The Adolescent Peer Support League seeks to improve the status of teen mental health by establishing peer support programs.

Beyond Differences. Beyond Differences offers activities to help students promote inclusion. 

GLSEN. The Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network provides insight and support in fostering inclusion. 

Random Acts of Kindness. This site was listed above, but it included here because it is so great. 

VIA Character Institute. This site was also listed above and has excellent resources. 

InspireED. This is a collaboration between Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation

SoundOut. SoundOut encourages authentic student involvement. 

WestEd. Resources to support increased student involvement in leadership in schools. This is more for school leaders, but is helpful insight for students seeking to work with school leaders. 

Student Voice: The Instrument of Change. An excellent book from the Quaglia Institute. 

Useable Knowledge – Giving Students Voice. Harvard Graduate School of Education article on student voice. 

Student Voice. Provides students with tools to improve their schools and communities.