Oregon Safe Return

This is the January 6, 2021 memo on the emotional well-being of school staff. 

This is a document that explains issues related to a request for accommodations and a civil rights complaint if this is denied. 

This is a late December  report of the infections that do not appear to be on the OHA weekly report.

This December 8  document sets forth the comments on my post on Oregon Safe Return asking for stories about teaching or having your child participating in Comprehensive Distance Learning.

This Concern Regarding the Metrics document was sent to the State Board of Education on October 11.

This document, Voices of Educators addresses the failure of schools and districts to enforce safety protocols, was sent on October 12.

I added a supplement to the Concerns about Metrics document on October 13.

This is a document I sent to some public health officials the end of October.  

My August 19  commentary was just published by the Register Guard. 

In late August sent this document, Elevating Teacher Voices, to state leaders. This emulated a Elevating Student Voices document. 

This August 8th document was sent as testimony to the education committees of the Oregon legislature and the State Board of Education

This email was sent to many Oregon State leaders related to the reopening metrics on August 17.