Be Positively Powerful Books

Be Positively Powerful: A Guide for Teens on Achieving Resilience and Empowerment for middle and high school students is available on Amazon.

Be Positively Powerful: Resilient When Things Get Tough for intermediate and middle school students is available on Amazon.

Sea Positivamente Poderos: Ser resiliente cuando las cosas se ponen difíciles also for intermediate and middle school studentsis available on Amazon.

Engage Students to Embrace Civility provides schools with insight into fostering positive student relations. Available on Amazon.

Be Positively Powerful:
Resilience and Positive Relationships

Coming in August! 

My research-based positive social norms program that engages students as leaders and supports all students in engaging in kindness, respect, and inclusion–and effectively responding to hurtful situations as the one targeted, a witness, or the one being hurtful–will be available soon. 

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Information Resources

Links to informational resources to support resilience and empowerment. 

Resources for Professionals

Educators, mental health professionals, and others who work with teens can find additional informational resources on this page.

Professional Development Videos

Embrace Civility LLC is providing professional development videos. The current offerings address strategies to foster positive relationships in schools and trauma, resilience, and empowerment.

Media Outreach

I am seeking greater media coverage of my work. This is because of the importance of the issues I seek to address, especially during the age of the Covid-19 pandemic, the interruption in student learning, and the issues raised for schools and society by the Black Likes Matter movement — long unaddressed systemic racism and inequities. This page will provide insight for the media and my recently published writings or appearances.

About Nancy

Nancy Willard, M.S., J.D. is the director of Embrace Civility LLC.

I have degrees in elementary, early childhood, and special education and a background in working with students with special needs, law, educational technology, digital safety, bullying and harassment prevention, trauma informed practices, and restorative practices.

Professional Development

I can provide professional development in live or virtual workshops. 

Embrace Civility LLC

More information on my professional work in the field of bullying and harassment prevention can be found at my Embrace Civility website. Embrace Civility LLC is a certified Public Benefit Corporation in Oregon.

My Other Works

DigiDesiderata: Desire for Civility in the Digital Age

This is my new video on DigiDesiderate: Desire for Civility in the Digital Age.  The book is available here.

The Way of the Donkey

My book about donkeys that includes The Way of the Donkey, which is suspiciously similar to the 7 Be Positively Powerful strategies is available on Amazon.